What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

What outcome are you looking for? Everything you need to create and run your own offline consulting business is available to you right here.

Someone asked me why I took the time to create the Instant Offline Guru Academy, and my reply, as always was…

“I created this resource to teach you how to control of the quality of the rest of your life.”

The fact of the matter is that there are lots of things that you can do even ‘on the side’ that’ll get you to a decent income serving business owners.

There’s a catch though.

You’ve got to understand that local business consulting is ‘simple’ but it’s not ‘easy’ — So my focus through this resource is to tell you what you need to know (not what I think will make you lazy and unfocused.

That’s right – To become a successful local business consultant
you’ve got to be ready to do what you need to do.
The tooth fairy simply doesn’t exist!

The best part is you can do this part-time or full-time. You get to choose – Click here to find out why I believe I can help you

Attract More Clients – Carry Out Your Own
21-Point D.I.Y Offline Consulting Critique Now!

Many folks tell me “I’d like to take my offline consulting to the next level,” but the problem is, you can’t get there if you don’t know where you are now.

People asked me if I could create something that allows you to overcome a lack of confidence, that helps you eliminate any credibility issues, establish yourself and get a clear understanding, by yourself, about where you truly are right now with your offline consulting business.

So I responded with something that does just that and more because confidence and credibility are currency. I also wanted to create something that allows you to turn your addiction for anything offline consulting into profits

All you need to do is answer some simple questions, perform quick analysis and get an immediate understanding of where you are right now and the gaps in how you market yourself that you need to close ASAP!

Do-It-Yourself – Then Do It For Business Owners for Profits

Carrying out this exercise eliminates any guess work instantly, so you know where you are and you can easily identify the steps you need to take now [keep reading >>>]

Here are some facts about offline marketing consulting success that I’d like to share with you:

5% of people go ahead and make things happen in their offline consulting

20% of people sit back, listen, watch and read about things happening in offline consulting

75% of people have no clue, don’t have systems that work, want to make money by using as many ‘free’ methods as possible, would prefer not to call or talk to business owners and are constantly looking for hands free ways to make money in offline consulting

Sadly, the truth is that the people that make up the bottom two groups, that’s 95% of people that get involved in offline consulting, those people are looking for the proverbial ‘Silver Bullet’ or the ‘Magic Button,’ the ‘Totally Hands-Free Solution’ they believe exists and have heard so much about in many places.

They somehow believe that it’s possible to make money with your offline consulting business with zero effort, no need to speak to any business owner and that you can use some kind of ‘push-button software,’ ‘app’ or other gimmick.

How sad 🙁

Having said that. it’s also unrealistic for you to believe that you can’t create an offline consulting business and make money because:

  • you’ve procrastinated with getting started
  • you don’t have clients right now
  • your marketing doesn’t seem to work like it should
  • you’re uncomfortable with selling
  • you’ve got a full-time job
  • you’re a single parent with limited resources
  • you attract the wrong type of business owners
  • you feel you’re too old
  • you feel you don’t know anything about the techie side of things
  • you feel that you’re too young
  • you feel you don’t have enough time available
  • you feel you don’t know how to setup a website
  • you feel someone is going to steal your niche business idea
  • you hear of stories about people who tried it and it didn’t work
  • you can’t make it offline consulting because there’s too much competition everywhere
  • …add your own excuse to this list!

To be successful with marketing and selling to business owners isn’t a matter of finally uncovering that ‘Magic Button’ or that one method that will work 100% without any chance of failure.

It’s about taking the proven-to-get-outcomes that deliver consistent results for anyone who is able to focus and do the right things in the right order.


The questions I’ve got for you are “Can you do that?” and How hungry and motivated are you for success and financial freedom?

The Bad News

I know this goes against conventional wisdom and traditional thinking but because I want you to understand what it takes to be successful, I’m going to share this with you anyway. Hopefully we’ll still be friends and you’ll continue your education here.

So here’s the bad news…

When you register for FREE and decide to join us now that alone will not make you financially free. You’re going to have to either listen to, watch or read available Implementation Action Guides and other instructions. This by the way ties in with …

The Good News

To be successful in marketing and selling to business owners doesn’t require you to do any of the following:

  • Shave your head
  • Change your religion
  • Leave home to start another life
  • Go into deep trance as you work
  • Take out a second mortgage

…or do anything else that might come cramp your style.

Of course you could do these things if that’s what you want to do, but to create and manage an offline consulting business successfully, you don’t need to engage in any of that kind of ‘shift!’

…and I did say ‘s-h-i-f-t not the other naughty word!’

I guarantee that if you can follow the step-by-step instructions you have available to you, you’ll be successful in creating and running your own successful offline consulting business and it doesn’t matter where you’re based or the state of the economy either.

What you’ll discover isn’t ‘abstract’ or theoretical’ stuff that’s too good to be true. It’s simply hype-free, honest, down-to-earth direct implementation guidance about how to create and manage an offline consulting business, either part time or full time.You’ll get to see and know about the ‘good’ the ‘bad’ and the downright ‘ugly.’

If you’re a good fit, by the time we’re done, you’re going to have income streams from your offline consulting business that you’re proud of.

I Understand What You Need …

If you want to stop ‘trying’ to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re ready to ditch the excuses and be held accountable for your success.

If you’re looking for a way to break free from the B.S that arrives in your inbox each day promising you the world and delivering you nothing more than what others have ‘thought up’ and are promoting as a ‘no-brainer‘ or ‘killer’ method full of ‘tricks.’

If you’re ready to be one of the only handful of people that really make any money from small (offline) business consulting.

If that’s you click here to start the process that could make your goals and dreams a reality

BAYO a.k.a Mr B

‘Be All You Can B’

“Think About It For A Moment
If Offline Consulting Was Really That ‘Easy’
You Should Be Raking It In Right Now!”